Pop Up Market – Kuningan City Jakarta

Pop Up Market – Kuningan City Jakarta

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Hey folks!
For you who can’t wait, we’re soon will be coming back at Pop Up Market 2018. This year, Pop Up Market will totally come with a different face.

It’s The Factory, Manhattan!

So don’t wait any longer to prove yourself how great the new shopping experience in Pop Up Market 2018 would be only at 2nd to 4th floor, Gourmet Area, Kuningan City from 8-11 March 2018!

Mark your date and see you there! 🤗


“The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting” – Andy Warhol.

Hold on guys!

Well… let us just give you a bit of clue.

We obviously will come back at Pop Up Market 2018 with silvery and artsy place, The Factory! It will make your shopping experience even more pleasant. There also will be many fresh local brand tenants providing your desired goods within a glance!

So, @popupmarketid are calling for all visitors who can’t wait no more!
You will have to come and show your excitement at 2nd to 4th floor, Gourmet Area, Kuningan City from 8-11 of March 2018.

See ya there!


Andy Warhol’s artworks are the most iconic pop art up to this era and gathered up at The Factory. His arts always attracted people to come and see with their curiosity.

As well as The Factory, Pop Up Market will also gain your curiosity with our exclusive tenants and the great ambience that will give you an extremely pleasant shopping experience surrounded by artistic ornaments, as it will be the upcoming theme for Pop Up Market 2018.

Don’t let yourself keep wondering! Come to our bazaar only at 2nd to 4th floor, Gourmet Area, Kuningan City from 8-11 March of 2018!

Save your date cause you might want to feel the crowd!

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Baca juga : Yoi Chiz – Bandung


Pop Up Market, Kuningan City Jakarta

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