Pop Up Market 2018 x Tokopedia : The Factory

Pop Up Market 2018 x Tokopedia : The Factory

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Foodinhands also participate as the media partner. We review some of the F&B brand in the Gourmet Area in third floor. Some of the brands that we try are @eisaltedegg , @eatprek dan @petale.tisane . But, there are lots of other brands that can satisfy your hungry tummy.
Curious enough to try the local F&B in Pop Up Market 2018 x Tokopedia? Come and visit @popupmarketid from 8-11 March 2018 in Kuningan City.

In this year Pop Up Market, there are four main agendas which is Press Conference, Pop Up Talk, Fashion Show and Pop Up Gathering. Since the first Pop Up Market in 2012 until now, Pop Up Market has been popular in the world creative district. In 2012 the theme is Carnaby Street London, 2013 – Fifth Avenue New York 2014 – Shibuya Tokyo, 2015 – Champs Elysees Paris, 2016 – Santa Fe New Mexico, and 2017 is Negeen Straatjes Amsterdam. The number of visitors keep increasing from 14.000 (2012) until 72.000 (2017).

Pop Up Market x Tokopedia 2018
With the theme “The Factory” which helps local brand to shine. We have fashion and also food & beverages.
You can try new menu from local F&B brand. The event starts from 8-11 March 2018, Prasetya Mulya University presents Pop Up Market at 2nd to 4th floor, Gourmet Area, Kuningan City. This event is the 7th annual event by collaborating with Tokopedia to support local creative business in Indonesia.
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Baca juga : Pop Up Market – Kuningan City Jakarta


Pop Up Market, Kuningan City Jakarta

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