Aroipochana Resto – Gading Serpong, Tangerang

Aroipochana Resto – Gading Serpong, Tangerang Baca juga : Aroma Bakery & Cake Shop – Medan   — Tomyam Siput Gong from @aroiphochana_resto — Price: IDR 48.000 — Have you try siput gong gong before? Try @aroiphochana_resto special and extraordinary tom yum! The tomyum used gong gong as the seafood. When you taste it, you can feel the freshness […]

Raja Cau Bintaro – Tangerang

Raja Cau Bintaro – Tangerang Baca juga : Sumo Wings – Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta   — calutak 1/2 choco milk 1/2 choco milk cheese from @raja_cau_bintaro — Price: IDR 30.000 — Fried banana coated with milk chocolate and topped with cheese slices! Tastes like heaven on earth! It’s a must for sweet lovers. —   — […]

HG Cakes & Bakery – BSD, Tangerang

HG Cakes & Bakery – BSD, Tangerang Baca juga : Rigby’s Coffee House & Resto – Cilandak, Jakarta   Marshmallow Ice Cream Chocolate and Strawberry from @hgcakebakery —– Price: IDR 35,000 (each) —– Who isn’t curious with this Marshmallow Ice Cream?! This is Ice cream inside the Marshmallows, which before being eaten, the Marshmallows will be torched first.. […]

Ayam Kodok ibu Aryati – Serpong, Tangerang

Ayam Kodok ibu Aryati – Serpong, Tangerang Baca juga : Ayam Bebek Mafia – Grogol, Jakarta   Ayam Kodok from @aryati05 — Price: IDR 375.000 — Ayam kodok is chicken without bones that uses special herbs and 100% halal. It is definitely yummy. It is served with vegetable and dipped in the sauce.   Ayam Kodok from @aryati05 […]

Lamere Cakes – Serpong, Tangerang

Lamere Cakes – Serpong, Tangerang Baca juga : Panic Pantry – Jakarta   Rumball from @lamere_cakes — Price: IDR 180.000 — One box consists of 36 pieces. It consists of different toppings. It is a must for all the kids and teens. They will love it as their afternoon snacks. —   Pastry aneka isi from @lamere_cakes — […]

Inti Bakery & Cake – Tangerang

Inti Bakery & Cake – Tangerang Baca juga : Pempek Cik Ros – Tanjung Duren, Jakarta   Roti Keong from @intibakerycake —- Lovely Mocca Bread from Inti Bakery & Cake can be a choice for your breakfast this morning.. The sweet-smelling Mocca cream and the sweet chocolate sprinkle becomes a perfect combination that fills this bread.. […]

Coarse & Fine Coffee – Jalur Sutera Timur, Tangerang

Coarse & Fine Coffee – Jalur Sutera Timur, Tangerang Baca juga : Old Bike Coffee – Pasteur, Bandung   Crispy Pork Belly Sambal Matah from @coarseandfine – IDR 68.000 (excluding tax) – It’s very delicious Crispy Pork, Sambal Matah, Scrambled Egg. Adding a bit of Indonesian Taste to our shop.   Cappuccino from @coarseandfine – IDR 40.000 […]

The Martabux – Supermall Lippo Karawaci, Tangerang

The Martabux – Supermall Lippo Karawaci, Tangerang   Baca juga : Pocoyo Waffle – Pluit, Jakarta Utara   Meat Lover Mozzarella from @themartabux– IDR 80.000 – Meat Lover Mozzarella consists of beef, sausage and mozzarella cheese. Generous amount of toppings and that melted cheese! Cannot resist the temptation!   Rock Mocha from @themartabux – IDR 23.000 – […]

Roti Bakar 88 – Pasar Lama, Tangerang

Roti Bakar 88 – Pasar Lama, Tangerang Baca juga : Zanana Chips – Indonesia   Pancake Ice Cream coklat keju @rotibakar88 —– IDR 18.000 —– Pancake from rotibakar88 tastes very delicious with vanilla and strawberry ice cream. The sweetness of the milk and chocolate is perfect to be eaten with the slices of cheese.   indomie […]

Sukiboy – Larangan Ciledug, Tangerang

Sukiboy – Larangan Ciledug, Tangerang Baca juga : Myumud Cake – Bandung   Paket Yakiniku 2 by @sukiboy_ —— IDR 75.000 —— This dish consists of thin slices of meat, chicken, sausage and onion. Additional spices and sauce you can add for extra taste. Good Food, Good Mood. Just like taking a bite of Sukiboy`s Yakiniku, […]