Dhonika Eatery – Cilandak, Jakarta

Dhonika Eatery – Cilandak, Jakarta Baca juga : Q Boat – Pasteur, Bandung     Fish woku from @dhonika.eatery — Price: IDR 55.000++ — Indonesian kind of taste. Rich flavor and the meat is very tender and smooth. The herbs can also be tasted flavorful. — Salted egg prawn from @dhonika.eatery — Price: IDR 45.000++ — […]

Sumeragi Izakaya – Pasteur, Bandung

Sumeragi Izakaya – Pasteur, Bandung Baca juga : Goni Coffee – Kemang, Jakarta   — Yaki ushi don From @sumeragi_izakaya — Price: IDR 68,000 — @sumeragi_izakaya best seller menu, Yaki ushi don! The meat toppings are very generous and it is served with raw egg, but you can ask for cooked egg if you want to. […]

Goni Coffee – Kemang, Jakarta

Goni Coffee – Kemang, Jakarta Baca Juga : Sate Taichan Mpe – Grogol, Jakarta     — Cold Brew Milk N Cold Brew Black From @gonicoffee — Price: IDR 25.000 & IDR 20.000 — Which one do you prefer? Bitter coffee or milk coffee? @goni.coffee serves two types: Cold Brew Milk for those of you who […]

Sate Taichan Mpe – Grogol, Jakarta

Sate Taichan Mpe – Grogol, Jakarta Baca juga : Xiao La Guo – Muara Karang, Jakarta     D’Ketekz From @satetaichanmpe_pusat — One of our unique menus is D’Ketekz. If the regular menu is served with cut meat but on our menu this one will give you a whole wing that can be used in satay […]

Xiao La Guo – Muara Karang, Jakarta

Xiao La Guo – Muara Karang, Jakarta Baca juga : Seafood Crunchie – Jakarta     — @xiaolaguo provides various selection of xiao la guo ingredients. Noodles became one of the most popular menus because when noodles are cooked with mala spices, vegetables and meat to make mala bowl, it is super delicious. — — Complete […]

Seafood Crunchie – Jakarta

Seafood Crunchie – Jakarta Baca juga : Die Stube Germany & Resto – Jakarta     Siomay Kepiting from @seafoodcrunchie — Siomay in a unique way. Have you try siomay with crab fillings inside? It is very yummy and the sambal is very tasty. It is perfectly paired with the siomay. – Kepiting isi from @seafoodcrunchie […]

Die Stube Germany & Resto – Jakarta

Die Stube Germany & Resto – Jakarta Baca juga : Pitik Id – Kebagusan, Jakarta     Fleischkaese with roasted potato @stubejakarta — Fleischkaese with roasted potato, interested enough ? Sunny side up, roasted potato served with meatloaf — Ciabatta Bun with Wagyu and Smoky Hickory BBQ @stubejakarta — Looking for good food for lunch? Ciabatta […]

Pitik Id – Kebagusan, Jakarta

Pitik Id – Kebagusan, Jakarta Baca juga : Sebastian Coffee and Kitchen – Jakarta     Chicken Ricebowl Blackpepper, Hot Spicy Wings, Cheese Burger from @pitik.id — PRICE: IDR 15.000 – 17.000 — How about having a big meal from @pitik.id? Grab a quick bite of @pitik.id delicious food. One bowl won’t be enough. — Chicken […]

Sebastian Coffee and Kitchen – Jakarta

Sebastian Coffee and Kitchen – Jakarta Baca juga : Coffee Dential Roastery – Jakarta     Working pile? Tuition lectures stacked? Time to rest, eat a cup of coffee and wake up your mood again @sebastiancoffeeandkitchen The pleasure of a coffee can be enjoyed both in a sunny and cool atmosphere. Coffee is the best friend […]

Coffee Dential Roastery – Jakarta

Coffee Dential Roastery – Jakarta Baca juga : Bolu Medan Cf Bakery – Jakarta     @coffeedentialroastery offers special recipe from @ykhendrawan! Have you try it? They use Indonesian beans such as Aceh Gayo and Mandheling, then they roast it by themselves. It’s time for a milk coffee. Which coffee do you like? Bitter or sweet. […]