Taste Good Jkt – Muara Karang, Jakarta

Taste Good Jkt – Muara Karang, Jakarta Baca juga : Bumi Sampireun – Cisarua, Bogor   — Mini sliced fish steamboat from @tastegood.jkt — Price: IDR 60.000 — Warm soup for rainy days like this. It can warm up your body and you will love the soup. @tastegood.jkt provides generous amount of fish, tomato, tofu, celery and seaweed. It […]

Bumi Sampireun – Cisarua, Bogor

Bumi Sampireun – Cisarua, Bogor Baca juga : Sei Lelebo – Ciumbuleuit, Bandung   — Cumi Bakar Madu from @bumisampireun – Price: IDR 85.000 — Anyone like squid with sweet taste? You better order this one because it is chewy, fresh and sweet. Enjoy it with warm rice. Yummy!   — Dadar gulung from @bumisampireun — Price: IDR […]

Sei Lelebo – Ciumbuleuit, Bandung

Sei Lelebo – Ciumbuleuit, Bandung Baca juga : Depotmie 168 – Gading, Jakarta — Sop Brenebon from @sei_lelebo — Price: IDR 30.000 — 📍Jl. Raya Punclut No. 34 Bandung — Have you try it? It contains pig feet and red bean. It has strong flavor and the pig feet is soft.   — Platter Se’I from @sei_lelebo — […]

Depotmie 168 – Gading, Jakarta

Depotmie 168 – Gading, Jakarta Baca juga : Bintang Radler – Jakarta   — Mie Urat Sapi from @depotmie168_jakarta — The noodle is Surabayan type since this restaurant is originated from Surabaya. It is a family inherited recipe so it is different from other noodles. Mie Urat Sapi uses stewed beef tendon as the toppings which is […]

Bintang Radler – Jakarta

Bintang Radler – Jakarta Baca juga : Aroipochana Resto – Gading Serpong, Tangerang   – Radler Orange from @birbintangindonesia – Radler Orange is the new flavor from @birbintangindonesia that is a good companion for your food. The alcohol 2% makes you feel relieved when drink it – – Radler Orange from @birbintangindonesia — New flavor from Bintang Radler! Beer & […]

Aroipochana Resto – Gading Serpong, Tangerang

Aroipochana Resto – Gading Serpong, Tangerang Baca juga : Aroma Bakery & Cake Shop – Medan   — Tomyam Siput Gong from @aroiphochana_resto — Price: IDR 48.000 — Have you try siput gong gong before? Try @aroiphochana_resto special and extraordinary tom yum! The tomyum used gong gong as the seafood. When you taste it, you can feel the freshness […]

Aroma Bakery & Cake Shop – Medan

Aroma Bakery & Cake Shop – Medan Baca juga : Raja Cau Bintaro – Tangerang   — BIKA AMBON from @aromabakeryandcakeshop — Price: IDR 46.000 — Your trip to Medan won’t be complete if you didn’t try Bika Ambon Aroma. They are the first Bika Ambon that is not using ‘Air Nira’ so it does not contain […]

Raja Cau Bintaro – Tangerang

Raja Cau Bintaro – Tangerang Baca juga : Sumo Wings – Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta   — calutak 1/2 choco milk 1/2 choco milk cheese from @raja_cau_bintaro — Price: IDR 30.000 — Fried banana coated with milk chocolate and topped with cheese slices! Tastes like heaven on earth! It’s a must for sweet lovers. —   — […]

Sumo Wings – Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta

Sumo Wings – Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Baca juga : Vidi Vini Vici – Surabaya   — Teriyaki Fried Rice and Japanese Curry Rice from @sumowings_id — PRICE: 6 pcs @ Rp 75,000 — Bored of eating ordinary chicken wings? Now, Sumowings provides chicken wing with fillings inside. A perfect brand new snack and satisfy your hunger […]

Vidi Vini Vici – Surabaya

Vidi Vini Vici – Surabaya Baca juga : Warung Wakaka – Muara Karang, Jakarta   Rodeo Velvet from @vidi.vinivici — Price: IDR 63.000 — Red Velvet Bolu with Oreo Cream Cheese Filling topped with white chocolate! Smooth texture and sweet taste left in your tongue. — Cheese In Wonderland from @vidi.vinivici — Price: IDR 63.000 — Who […]