Die Stube Germany Resto & Bar – Kemang, Jakarta

Die Stube Germany Resto & Bar – Kemang, Jakarta Baca juga : Pokey Studio – Senopati, Jakarta   — Breaded Veal Loin served with Roasted Potatoes and Mixed Salad from @stubejakarta — Veal is used for ingredients of German food. Do you want to taste it? Come to our outlets and have a good taste of it. […]

Pokey Studio – Senopati, Jakarta

Pokey Studio – Senopati, Jakarta Baca juga : Martabox Miyabi – Meruya, Jakarta   Taco Tuesday from @pokeystudio — Taco Tuesday is perfect for you that want to eat nice food, but worry about getting fat. Now, you don’t need to worry, just order Taco Tuesday.   Pokey Vegan from @pokeystudio — Are you a vegetarian? Don’t worry. […]

Martabox Miyabi – Meruya, Jakarta

Martabox Miyabi – Meruya, Jakarta Baca juga : Dough’s Delight – Jakarta   SPARKLING OVOMALTINE ICE (Martabak mini Ice Cream) from @martaboxmiyabi Price: IDR 29,000 — The martabak dough is very smooth and yummy. Extra topping choco chips, choco caviar, maises, sprinkle and ice cream vanilla! WOW! It tastes extraordinary! It is available in 3 sizes: regular, […]

Dough’s Delight – Jakarta

Dough’s Delight – Jakarta Baca juga : Nyonya Gan – Thamrin, Jakarta   Nutella Berliner from @doughsdelight.id —– Price: IDR12.000 —– Anyone know what Berliner is? It is a German Pastry that looks like a doughnut, but there is no hole in the middle. They have different flavors. Its characteristic is topped with powdered sugar with fillings. […]

Nyonya Gan – Thamrin, Jakarta

Nyonya Gan – Thamrin, Jakarta Baca juga : Tahu Lecker – Jakarta   Fat Noodle – Sweet Yamin – Savory Chicken + Fried Dumpling by @nyonyagan —– Regular IDR30.000, Jumbo IDR35.000 + IDR5.000 for fried dumplings —– Other than Original and spicy, we also offer sweet taste in our Sweet Yamin with rica chick topping. For those […]


SEBASTIAN COFFEE & KITCHEN – STORY OF FOODINHANDS See More : MAGNUM TIRAMISU – STORY OF FOODINHANDS Previous STORY OF FOODINHANDS : EP. MAGNUM TIRAMISU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfss9… STORY OF FOODINHANDS : EP. SEBASTIAN COFFEE & KITCHEN —– Sunda Pringgawesi / Manual Brew in V60 dripper by @sebastiancoffeeandkitchen —— IDR 32.000 —— Selling coffee from around Indonesia and […]

Tahu Lecker – Jakarta

Tahu Lecker – Jakarta Baca juga : Pupuk Bawang Cafe & Dining – Batu, Malang   Tahu Double Cheese from @tahulecker —– Price: IDR 35.000 —– Inside the tofu, you will find chicken with mozzarella cheese, bolognaise sauce topped again with mozzarella cheese! Can you imagine all the melted gooey cheese in your mouth right now? Yuummm!!! […]


MAGNUM TIRAMISU – STORY OF FOODINHANDS   See More : INTRODUCTION – STORY OF FOODINHANDS NEW VARIANT MAGNUM: TIRAMISU by @magnum —— Inspired by the Finest Dessert tiramisu flavoured ice cream is blended with arabica coffee sauce and crispy biscuit pieces. Dipped in thick and cracking Belgian Chocolate, it is the ultimate treat for pleasure seekers. […]

Pupuk Bawang Cafe & Dining – Batu, Malang

Pupuk Bawang Cafe & Dining – Batu, Malang Baca juga : Doctea Healthy and Freshtea – Surabaya   Nasi Iga Sambal Bawang from @pupukbawangbatu —– PRICE : IDR 69.900 —– The first impression of this dish is good food jumbo size. The organic rice is shaped in “mini tumpeng size”. They are very generous too in giving […]


INTRODUCTION – STORY OF FOODINHANDS Foodinhands Community is a media & community of people that loves food and food digital, creative, photography & videography. The community grows quite fast. We only focus on food in hands so we consider the direction of the hands whether it is from the left, right, top, bottom, and in […]