Banainai , PIK – Jakarta

Banainai , PIK – Jakarta Baca juga : Twin House Cipete – Jakarta   — Snow Ice Love Lava From @banainai_id — Price: IDR 60.000 — 📍Pantai Indah Kapuk — ONLY AVAILABLE UNTIL THE END OF FEBRUARY. To celebrate the month of love, Banainai launches a special menu which is chocolate snow ice with additional strawberry and […]

Twin House Cipete – Jakarta

Twin House Cipete – Jakarta Baca juga : Ayam Geprek Emak – Jakarta   — kopi nakula from @twinhouse_cipete — Price: IDR 40.000 — 📍Cipete Raya no 4B Jakarta Selatan — Ice cubed with espresso taste that melts when you pour milk into it. There you go, a glass of coffee. Recommended for sweet coffee lovers. — […]

Ayam Geprek Emak – Jakarta

Ayam Geprek Emak – Jakarta Baca juga : – BSD, Tangerang – Ayam Geprek Emak Sambal Matah from @geprekemak_id – Price: IDR 22.500-25.000 – Sambal Matah served with Ayam Geprek. Indonesian style food! Must become everyone’s favorite. The sambal matah is quite nice and spicy. –   – Ayam Geprek Keju from @geprekemak_id – Price: IDR […] – BSD, Tangerang – BSD, Tangerang Baca juga : Hello.evlogia – Jakarta   — Katsu Sambal Matah Butter Rice from — Price: IDR 28.000 Order via LINE or WA 0821 1196 3318 — Who likes butter rice here? We like it. It’s so creamy and special especially with a touch of Indonesian Sambal Matah. It is […]

Hello.evlogia – Jakarta

Hello.evlogia – Jakarta Baca juga : Batagorilla – Sudirman, Jakarta — Kopi Miruku from @hello.evlogia — Price: IDR 22.000 — Espresso with palm sugar and milk is the trends nowadays. It is popular among the society. @hello.evlogia also serves it. Come and try it. It can be your new favorite coffee. — 📍 evlogia cafe & […]

Batagorilla – Sudirman, Jakarta

Batagorilla – Sudirman, Jakarta Baca juga : Taste Good Jkt – Muara Karang, Jakarta   — Batagor Small from @batagorilla — Price: IDR 38.500 — Fresh fish for batagor. Soft inside but crunchy outside. Dip it in the peanut sauce for extra goodness. Add extra lime for a little kick of flavor. — — Batagor Small from @batagorilla […]

Taste Good Jkt – Muara Karang, Jakarta

Taste Good Jkt – Muara Karang, Jakarta Baca juga : Bumi Sampireun – Cisarua, Bogor   — Mini sliced fish steamboat from @tastegood.jkt — Price: IDR 60.000 — Warm soup for rainy days like this. It can warm up your body and you will love the soup. @tastegood.jkt provides generous amount of fish, tomato, tofu, celery and seaweed. It […]

Bumi Sampireun – Cisarua, Bogor

Bumi Sampireun – Cisarua, Bogor Baca juga : Sei Lelebo – Ciumbuleuit, Bandung   — Cumi Bakar Madu from @bumisampireun – Price: IDR 85.000 — Anyone like squid with sweet taste? You better order this one because it is chewy, fresh and sweet. Enjoy it with warm rice. Yummy!   — Dadar gulung from @bumisampireun — Price: IDR […]

Sei Lelebo – Ciumbuleuit, Bandung

Sei Lelebo – Ciumbuleuit, Bandung Baca juga : Depotmie 168 – Gading, Jakarta — Sop Brenebon from @sei_lelebo — Price: IDR 30.000 — 📍Jl. Raya Punclut No. 34 Bandung — Have you try it? It contains pig feet and red bean. It has strong flavor and the pig feet is soft.   — Platter Se’I from @sei_lelebo — […]

Depotmie 168 – Gading, Jakarta

Depotmie 168 – Gading, Jakarta Baca juga : Bintang Radler – Jakarta   — Mie Urat Sapi from @depotmie168_jakarta — The noodle is Surabayan type since this restaurant is originated from Surabaya. It is a family inherited recipe so it is different from other noodles. Mie Urat Sapi uses stewed beef tendon as the toppings which is […]